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Our history

Since 2004, the Windward School's robotics program has transformed from a small club into a recognized organization in the FIRST community, offering competitive participation in FRC and FLL. The team, rebranded as the "Omnicats" in 2012, is known for its student-centric approach, encapsulated in our slogan "Student Designed, Student Built". Our program, generously sponsored by entities such as the Windward Fund and the Boeing Company, promotes experiential learning through cutting-edge technologies like CAD and 3D printing. Catering to students in grades 7-12, the program offers VEX Robotics opportunities to middle schoolers, culminating in participation in the FIRST Robotics Competition beginning in 9th grade.


We are proud of the achievements of our VEX and FRC teams. We have enjoyed competing each year since our rookie year in 2004, and we are proud of the awards we have won. Click the button below to view our achievements.

Mission statement

The Windward Omnicats believes in building a great robot independently while still having fun. We are a close-knit team of friends and companions who aspire to build robots not just for FRC, but for the enhancement of our community as a whole.​​ We strive to embody the values of our school, the values we have decided on as a team, and the values of First Robotics. These values include teamwork, community service, and inclusivity. In addition to this we are a team that above all else values the safety of its members. Students who join the team are held to high standards of behavior and required to show up on time and work collaboratively. We also stress the importance of perseverance, integrity, and gracious professionalism in our work. We have a zero tolerance policy for behaviors like bullying and work hard to maintain a diverse and inclusive environment.

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