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About Us

As Omnicats, we firmly abide by our slogan, “Student Designed. Student Built” because we want to engage in a learning experience independent from professional mentors where we can express our ideas freely, work in a professional environment, and learn from our mistakes. This style has encouraged us to step outside of our comfort zone and work more closely with our teammates.

Team Organization

Our team is split into three sub divisions, each with its own lead, and into further sub teams within these divisions. The three divisions are System Engineering, Internal Operations, and Ambassadors.


System Engineering handles the robot, and it consists of the Mechanism, Drivetrain, Code, CAD, Electrical, and Integration teams.


The Internal Operations team handles financials, scheduling, and maintaining a good team environment. It consists of the Logistics and Safety teams.


The final division, our Ambassador division, handles communication with other teams and groups at our school. It consists of the Outreach and PR teams, which collaborate to ensure the best management of our team. This team structure is efficient, organized, and allows each member to work where they are best suited and most interested in working.

In Our School Community

Outside of the VEX and FRC realm, we try to make an effort to be active and contribute to our school community. We offer two middle school robotics classes that allow younger students to get more involved in the space.


We have also designed robots for our school community in general, and have collaborated with our school's theatre department to create mobile elements for productions of Aladdin and The Wizard of Oz.


Many of our team members are also part of other groups on campus, supporting students through stewardship programs in spaces like the CREATE Studio (our school's maker space). We make use of these connections to widen our reach and support other programs outside of competition robotics.

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