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Spreading the Message of FIRST

The Omnicats believe that representing and giving students within our community the opportunity to have access to robotics and to FIRST is just as important as preparing for the competition. Our first project took place at Grand View Elementary School, a Title 1 school. At Grand View Elementary, we taught children the basics of Gracious Professionalism by demonstrating respectfulness during teamwork sessions while giving these children a hands on experience with robotics.


We also host a large amount of VEX scrimmages. In the summer, we offer FLL and VEX summer camps for elementary and middle school students. Through these programs and initiatives, our team strives to embody the messages of both First Robotics and Windward School.

Our sponsors

One of the major barriers to maintaining a robotics team is financial support. Fortunately we have three gracious sponsors who have devoted their time, effort, and funds to support our team. Our team is sponsored by The Boeing Company, The Windward Institute, and Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Jill Petty. These sponsors have financed and supported our team and have allowed us to not only compete but also spread the message of FIRST. We are very grateful for every one of the sponsors and the support that they show for our team.

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